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Disclaimer and Copyright

This family history has been compiled from a variety of sources. Not all information has been verified, and therefore it is expected that there will be errors in the data.

Copyright: Facts are not subject to copyright; ie the birth, death and marriage dates, transportation details etc are not subject to copyright and may be copied freely (bearing in mind point 1 above). Photo's and narratives ARE subject to copyright and are not to be reproduced without the written consent of the photographer/author.


Some details have been omitted to protect the privacy of living individuals.

Genealogy Privacy Issues


Bought The Browning Story: Tracings from the Past, a book about the Browning family. Met up with the author, Esme Smith, in Lismore, and spent an hour or so talking to her about family history.

Another book purchase, Our Daily Bread: German Village Life, 1500 - 1850 by Teva J Scheer.

Family History Photo's on my PBase pages.

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Old family photo's and documents.