What does the name mean?

Last Name: Bartholomew
  • English: from a medieval personal name, Latin Bart(h)olomaeus, from the Aramaic patronymic bar-Talmay "son of Talmay", meaning "having many furrows", i.e. rich in land. This was an extremely popular personal name in Christian Europe, with innumerable vernacular derivatives. It derived its popularity from the apostle St. Bartholomew (Matthew 10:3), the patron saint of tanners, vintners, and butlers.
  • As an Irish name, it has been used as an Americanized form of Mac Pharthaláin (McFarlane)


Great great great great great great grandmother

Born about 1767, Beckley, Sussex, England.

Married Thomas UPTON, 1786, Beckley, Sussex, England.