What does the name mean?

Last Name: Hatch

  • English (mainly Hampshire and Berkshire): topographic name from Middle English hacche "gate", Old English hcc (see Hatcher). In some cases the surname is habitational, from one of the many places named with this word. This name has been in Ireland since the 17th century, associated with County Meath and the nearby part of Louth.


  Great great great great great grandmother

Born 1786, Ireland.

Tried Dublin 1807. Sentenced to 7yrs.

Transported to Australia, 1809, aboard the Experiment.

Married Patrick HAND.

Died 1825, NSW, Australia.

Patrick and Catherine Hand Headstone Patrick and Catherine Hand Footstone Patrick and Catherine Hand Grave

Headstone & footstone of Patrick and Catherine Hand, St Peter's Cemetery, Richmond NSW. (Click images for larger version)