2 Eckert Family History - Hill



  • One who lives on or near a hill, derived from Old English "hyll."
  • Corruption of German "hild," meaning "battle."

Surname Origin:

  • English

Alternate Surname Spellings:

  • HYLL

What does the name mean?

Last Name: Hill

  • English and Scottish: extremely common and widely distributed topographic name for someone who lived on or by a hill, Middle English hill (Old English hyll).
  • English: from the medieval personal name Hill, a short form of Hilary (see Hillary) or of a Germanic (male or female) compound name with the first element hild "strife", "battle".
  • German: from a short form of Hildebrand or any of a variety of other names, male and female, containing Germanic hild as the first element.
  • Jewish (American): Anglicized form of various Jewish names of similar sound or meaning.
  • English translation of Finnish Mäki ("hill"), or of any of various other names formed with this element, such as Mäkinen, Heinämaki, Kivimäki.


  Great great great great great grandmother

Born 1772, England.

Tried Staffordshire, 1802. Sentence - 7yrs

Arrived Australia, 24 June 1804, aboard the Experiment II".

Married George HOWELL, 1805, NSW, Australia.

Died 1851, NSW, Australia